General Foot Care

General Foot Care


Do you have trouble attending to your feet, managing those aches and pains or worried about some lumps and bumps?
At Wanneroo Podiatry Surgery we specialize in diagnosing and treating a range of foot and lower limb conditions including:

Nail conditions: fungal nails, thick, brittle and hard to manage nails, ingrown toenails (both conservative and surgical treatment options are available)

Skin conditions: dry cracked skin, corns, callouses, verrucae (warts),fungal infections, blisters & rashes.

Foot, ankle and lower back pain: including management of stress fractures, heel pain (spurs), arch pain, shin splints and sports or work related injuries

Chronic Disease: management of foot problems associated with Diabetes, Arthritis, Peripheral Vascular disease, infections and Diabetes

Wound/Ulcer care: associated with chronic diseases.  By using dressings in conjunction with laser and western acupuncture techniques, the rate of wound healing is markedly improved

Foot Deformities: bunions, claw and hammer toes, crooked toes, limb length discrepancies

Tired or aching feet and legs: muscle pain/strain, tendinopathies, over-use injuries

Ageing Feet: reduced fat pad, pressure related problems, chill blains, hard to manage nails

Footwear Assesments, padding and modification


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How Can We Help?


Many people believe that it is normal for feet to hurt or ache.
However, there are more than 300 identified conditions which affect the feet, many of which can be successfully treated by a Podiatrist. Age, weight, activity, footwear and work surfaces are just a few factors which impact on the foot and often our feet are the first indicators of conditions such as diabetes, arthritis, malenoma and circulatory disease.

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