Metatarsalgia & Neuromas

Metatarsalgia & Neuromas


Metatarsalgia refers to inflammation and pain in the ball of the foot or metatarsal region. It is a non-specific term which may be due to numerous causes including sesamoiditis,  arthritis, stress fractures, tendinopathies, bursitis, bunions, loss of fat pad, neuralgia, plantar plate tears, diabetes and pressure related causes.   A common cause of Metatarsalgia is a Morton’s Neuroma which is a thickening of nerve tissue, usually between the 3rd and 4th toes, but can occur between the other toes.  Localised symptoms in the affected area include a sharp or achy pain, numbness or tingling, hot/burning sensation and pain when wearing firm fitting shoes.  It is usually the cause of poor foot biomechanics (pronation or supination) trigger points and poor footwear.

At Wanneroo Podiatry Surgery we use a range of diagnosic tools to determine the cause of your forefoot pain and implement treatment modalities to get you walking comfortably again.

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