Limb Length Discrepancies

Limb Length Discrepancies


Most people have an anatomical or functional leg length imbalance which depending on the degree of imbalance may cause chronic pain in the body.  The discrepancy may occur due to a shorter limb (congenital, pathological or surgical causes), lack of full joint range of motion in one leg/foot, pelvic tilting, or scoliosis of the spine. Pain resulting from a limb length imbalance may occur in the foot, knee, hip, back, neck, jaw or cranium depending on how the body compensates for this discrepancy.

Understanding the underlying cause of a limb length imbalance and how to correct it is paramount when treating this type of chronic pain.  Treatment may include Strain/Counter Strain techniques, Myofascial releases, Joint Mobilisation,  Acupuncture techniques, footwear modification/advice and in some instances heel lifts or orthoses.

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