Verrucae (Warts)

Verrucae (Warts)


Plantar warts or verruca pedis, are caused by the human papilloma virus and occur on the soles of the feet or on the toes., but treatment is generally recommended to lessen symptoms (which may include pain), decrease duration, and reduce transmission.They are small, hard, irregular lesions, often with tiny black dots in the centre which may bleed easily.  Plantar warts can be painful and often resemble corns or callouses, careful diagnosis is thus important when treating these lesions. The wart virus is spread by direct contact from the infected host, often in communal areas such as swimming pools or public showers. Children are more susceptible in catching them than adults are, as are people who are immunosuppressed such as Diabetics or Cancer patients

At Wanneroo Podiatry Surgery we have to expertise and training to correctly diagnose these painful lesions and treat them effectively

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