Bunions are a form of arthritis resulting in the degenerative deformation and enlargement of usually the 1st but can also be the 5th (Tailor’s bunion) metatarso-phalangeal joints of the foot. It results in an enlarged bump which may be red and tender, particularly in restrictive footwear.

In more severe cases bunions may cause the 1st and 2nd toes to overlap, resulting in clawing of the 2nd toe and possible corn formation.

Bunions are more common in females, but do affect males as well. They are generally the cause of genetics (family history), pronated or flat feet, poor footwear, Rheumatoid arthritis, trauma, neuromuscular disease or congenital deformities.
Most commonly bunions are at least partially due to poor foot function and as it is a progressive disorder they become worse with age.

To relieve symptoms and slow the progression of this disorder it is important to have your feet and gait assessed and appropriately treated.

Footwear and orthoses play a major part in the treatment of bunions, however for complete reversal of the condition surgery will be indicated.
At Wanneroo Podiatry we take a holistic approach to the treatment of Bunions with the aim of addressing both the problem and the underlying cause.

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