Feet can suffer from a whole range of conditions or you may find them simply too hard to reach. During the course of the day your feet can be under immense stress. Even minor foot problems or ill-fitting footwear can lead to more serious issues such as reduced mobility, joint or soft tissue pain, instability and injury.

At Wanneroo Podiatry Surgery we treat a range of conditions affecting the lower limb and foot, such as aching feet and legs, work related foot injuries, sports injuries, children’s problems, cracked heels, toenail and skin conditions, bunions, and occupational foot health. We also conduct footwear assessments and offer a range of orthotics, including off-the-shelf, modified, and custom-made devices.


We pride ourselves on being a caring and professional team and guarantee to provide you with the highest level of care no matter what your foot, leg, or gait problem may be. Through open communication and education about your podiatric problem, we can devise a treatment plan that best suits your needs and provides relief from the symptoms you may be experiencing.