Shin Splints & Leg Pain

Shin Splints & Leg Pain


Pain  Pain in the legs may be due to abnormalities in your foot function, muscle imbalance and lower limb biomechanics.  Common conditions which may cause leg pain include shin splints, stress fractures, knee pain, tendinopathy, pulled muscles, overuse, trauma, increased activity, arthritis, diabetes, neuropathy, nerve pain, referred pain and growing pains in children,

Shin Splints is a common injury of the leg affecting athletes which results in  pain down the tibia bone of your leg,  This condition may affect the front (anterior shin splints) or inside portion (posterior shin splints) of your leg and is not exclusive to athletes. It is however very common amongst runners. The main causes for shin splints are pronated or flat feet, supinated or high arched feet, abnormal foot function, overuse or repetitive strain, trauma, increase in activity, poor footwear, trigger points, difficult terrain,  tight muscles and lack of stretching prior to exercise.

At Wanneroo Podiatry Surgery we diagnose and treat leg pain effectively using a range of treatment modalities, including footwear and training advice to return you back to your optimal best.

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