Ankle Sprains & Pain

Ankle Sprains & Pain


Ankle sprains/pain rolled, twisted or sprained ankles occur when one suddenly ‘goes over’ on the ankle damaging or tearing one or more of the ankle ligaments.
Sprained ankles can occur during normal daily activities such as stepping off a curb or slipping, but incidence increases with activities which involve side-to-side motion such as tennis. X-ray or ultrasound investigation may be required at time of diagnosis to determine whether damage is only ligamentous or if ankle bones are broken as well.

Contributing factors of ankle sprains include weak muscles/tendons, especially those which support the lower leg and ankle; ligament laxity; poor ankle flexibility; foot/ankle malalignment, unstable gait; poor proprioception (position sense of joint), slow reaction response time; uneven surfaces and high heels or badly worn shoes. It is thus important to determine all contributing factors when implementing a treatment program for sprained ankles.

At Wanneroo Podiatry Surgery we recognize the importance of correctly diagnosing and treating this condition as soon as possible so that full rehabilitation is achieved. Returning to activity before the ligaments are fully healed may result in unstable ankles and an increased risk of future ankle sprains. In some cases, orthoses may be required to allow for better foot function and proprioception, and prevent further damage from occurring.

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