Corns & Callouses

Corns & Callouses


Hard thickened areas of skin, called callouses, form in areas of the foot which are under increased pressure or friction.When the pressure is concentrated in a small area it may form a corn, which is very hard and may become inflamed , swollen and very painful.  Both of these conditions are symptoms of underlying problems and are in some cases ‘warning signals’ of more complex foot disorders. They are the result of continuous pressure and may indicate abnormalities in the bony alignment and function of the foot (orthoses may help) or are the result of long periods of standing, walking barefoot or inappropriate or ill-fitting shoes.  Also, as you get older you have less fatty tissue and reduced elasticity of the skin, which increases the susceptibility of developing corns and callouses on the feet.  Diabetes increases the occurrence of these lesions as well.

At Wanneroo Podiatry Surgery we look at the underlying cause of these lesions, so that  we can treat them appropriately and prevent their recurrence.  Footwear in particular plays a very important role in the prevention  and treatment of corns and callouses.

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