Flat Feet/Pronation

Flat Feet/Pronation


Pronation is part of normal foot function during gait. It is the inward rolling of the foot that lowers the arch to the ground thus absorbing shock and accommodating irregularities in ground surfaces.

Some feet ‘over-pronate’, which means they pronate too much or too rapidly, resulting in abnormal alignment of the foot and lower limb during gait and in turn greater stress on the joints and muscles of the foot, ankle, knee, hip and lower back.
This can result in pain, early fatigue and increased risk of injury. These feet may look normal on standing but not during walking or running.

Flat feet are feet which look flat on standing which is usually the case in infants and children, where the arch has not fully developed and a pronounced fat pad masks the appearance of an arch.
Most people with flat feet have no symptoms, however, sometimes they may experience pain or aching in the feet, legs, knees or lower back or have trouble participating in physical activities or sports.

If flat or over-pronating feet become painful or gait looks awkward it is important to have them assessed and appropriately treated by a Podiatrist.

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