Heel & Arch pain

Not all heel or arch pain is due to plantar fasciitis or heel spur syndrome. There can a number of causes including heel pad atrophy, bursitis, heel bumps, skin fissures, verrucae, corns, Achilles tendinopathy, embedded foreign object, poor footwear or ill-fitting footwear, just to mention a few. Correct diagnosis is essential to good treatment outcomes, so come see us at Wanneroo Podiatry for a full assessment if painful heels and arches are stopping you in your tracks.

Heel, arch and plantar fascia pain is inflammatory and often burning, throbbing or stabbing in nature around the heel and arch and may extend into other areas of the foot. It seems to occur without a clear cause and may affect one or both feet. It is often worst after first rising from bed in the morning or after a period of rest and improves once walking around for a while, however it can return after having been on feet for a long period.

Pain is usually due to tightness of the leg and foot muscles and the fascia (connective tissue surrounding muscles or groups of muscles, blood vessels and nerves) within the sole of the foot. It may also involve nerve entrapment or heel spur formation.

Common causes of this condition include flat or pronated feet, high-arched or supinated feet, changes in footwear, sudden change of activity (sporting or job related), increase in weight, pregnancy, trauma or prolonged standing on hard surfaces.

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